Our pledge to our services users' is outlined in the following Charter

This Charter details the rights a Service User can expect to enjoy whilst using any of the services provided by West View (Monreith) Limited.

Potential Service Users need have no apprehension about entering our Care Home. It should be looked upon as an enjoyable phase of life where much of the worry of caring for oneself and the labour of housekeeping can be forgotten if required, in the knowledge that others who have been trained in their tasks are there to help.

There will be companionship where there was loneliness and security where there was doubt.

Comments from service users, family and friends regarding our care service are always welcomed.

This information is often of help in enabling us to monitor and improve our standards. Everyone at West View enjoys being praised about the service they provide, although we see feedback as a valuable opportunity for service improvement.

The Charter

Users of our care service will:

  • Be encouraged and helped to maintain a quality of life in keeping with their wishes and abilities
  • Be encouraged to maintain their independence
  • Have their privacy respected
  • Be treated with respect in order to maintain their dignity
  • Have their human, emotional and social needs respected and fulfilled
  • Be encouraged to follow the religion of their choice
  • Be addressed as they wish
  • Not be discriminated against on the grounds of race, religion, sex, colour or disability
  • Be cared for in a manner similar to that which would be given by a caring relative in their home
  • Be encouraged to handle their own medicines when competent to do so
  • Be able to retain the doctor of their choice wherever possible
  • Receive medical and nursing care in private
  • Have access to all common facilities available to other people living elsewhere in the locality
  • Be encouraged to discuss their care needs with the manager of the home
  • Be supported by adequate and appropriately trained staff
  • Be able to receive visitors at any time
  • Have the right to consult their own solicitor in private
  • Choose to reside in any home they wish
  • Feel ‘at home’ at West View
  • Be provided with adequate accommodation 
  • Be encouraged to bring personal belongings into the home
  • Have access to a telephone
  • Be provided with nourishing, appetising and adequate food
  • Be encouraged to participate in recreational facilities
  • Be able to complain about the quality of care in the home
  • Be given best value
  • Enjoy a continued relationship with home
  • Have a contract of residence and a brochure
  • Have the right to take part in the planning of their care (personal plans).