West View fees are in line with the fees paid by the Local Authority

West View's fees are in line with the fees paid by the Local Authority, whether a resident is funding privately or through the Local Authority.

Each individual has the opportunity to choose the way they wish to contract with the care home.

  • Route 1 (the self-determined route)

Individuals decide not to apply for free personal care payments or are assessed as not being eligible for assistance. The resident enters into a contractual arrangement privately and independently with the care home.

  • Route 2 (the mutual route)

This is where individuals have been assessed as eligible for payments, but wish to have a direct contractual agreement with the care home for the non-personal element of their care. This route requires two contracts, one between the resident and the home for the accommodation costs of his or her care and the other between the Council and the care home in relation to the payment of the free personal care element.

  • Route 3 (the integrated route)

This is where the individual has been assessed as eligible for payments and wishes the local authority to manage all contractual arrangements on his or her behalf. In this situation, there would only be one contract between the care home and the Council and the Local Authority Care Manager would provide an overarching quality assurance role of monitoring accommodation, care and other services provided. In these instances, local authorities would use their own contracts with a nationally consistent annex to the personal and/or nursing care payments in terms of the latest legislation and guidance.

Whichever route a person chooses to contract, the local authority fee rate and terms and conditions apply.